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Whole Foods and The Completion of Hwy 190 Construction


Whole Foods is coming to Mandeville, Louisiana due to popular demand. There have been Facebook groups from homeowners lobbying for Whole Foods to open up a Mandeville location for quite some time. The time is coming very soon where Whole Foods will open their doors to the northshore public. The store will be located in the heart of Mandeville in the Premier Shopping Center on Hwy 190. The location was previously owned by Albertson’s until Whole Foods acquired the property in February 2015. With the addition of the rapidly growing grocery chain along with the completion of the Hwy 190 construction, the Mandeville real estate market is ever increasing.

The completion of the road construction has made residents, business owners, and patrons of nearby businesses extremely happy. The businesses have experienced easier traffic flow to and from their locations with increased exposure due to drivers no longer avoiding the area. Residents in nearby neighborhoods, like Meadowbrook, Greenleaves, and those living off Lonesome Rd. and Sharp Rd. no longer experience backed up traffic near the entrances of their Northshore homes. The ease of traffic flow causes the demand for nearby commercial properties and Mandeville houses for sale to increase.

Whole Foods Impact on Mandeville Real Estate

For commercial properties, the addition of Whole Foods proves that the Mandeville real estate market is suitable for high end, quality retailers. Whole Foods will draw in many patrons, and this is a great thing for the surrounding stores. This means more traffic and exposure to each commercial property in the area. A mother may come to shop at Whole Foods for groceries and remember she needs to buy school uniforms for her kids. Well, she has four options within a quarter mile of Whole Foods. Commercial properties around the store will only increase in value once the store opens as the high end grocer will bring in residents from all over the Northshore, not just local Mandeville and Covington homeowners.  Convenience to high quality shopping centers generally has an upward impact on the price of the surrounding residential homes.

As the Mandeville Whole Foods location is completed and opened, the commercial property values will increase due to the cult following that comes with the grocery store. All nearby commercial real estate properties will experience higher traffic in stores and more exposure from new customers. The newly reconstructed hwy 190 allows for easier flow of traffic through Mandeville’s main economic hub. The market for commercial properties and homes for sale will continue to increase for the popular suburb of New Orleans.


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