St. Tammany Parish Hospital Expands World Class Healthcare

St. Tammany Parish Real Estate

St. Tammany Parish Real Estate Is On The Move

In keeping up with the needs of the fastest growing region in Louisiana, St.Tammany Parish Hospital, located in Covington, is expanding their services to remain one of the major sources of health care inside the Greater New Orleans area.  Paying tribute to what was once a small 18-bed parish facility, the movers and shakers within the hospital’s boardroom are quick to remember the hospital’s humble beginnings; but even quicker to acknowledge the current day need for offering superior health care.

The original hospital opened in December of 1954 with only two doctors, 16 beds, and 18 employees at a cost, including equipment, of $334,000.  Comparatively noted, that price equals one-third the cost of an MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine.  Today, the not-for-profit, full service acute care hospital boasts some 375 medical doctors and over 1,700 employees and is the largest employer in the parish.

Hospital leaders want to be on the forefront of medical care inside one of the fastest growing areas in the United States,” Melissa Hodgson, chief public information officer said in an address to the Covington Rotary Club of Louisiana.  And the new strategic growth plan triples the size of the facility.  Thad D. Ackel Jr., owner of Tribute Real Estate, said that property, located along the hospital corridor in Covington is a prime location for both commercial and residential real estate.  With the expansion, the hospital has acquired properties throughout West St. Tammany Parish, Tribute’s CEO, said that “commercial real estate in the vicinity the hospital is in high demand for ancillary medical facilities, and with development between the hospital and Interstate 12 should see continued growth for years to come.”

St. Tammany Parish Hospital’s diagnostic center, Physicians Network and Women’s Pavilion are located on St. Ann Street in Mandeville.  Radiologist and nurses see roughly 60 percent of the area’s women for breast health care and treatments.  The new Frederick Medical Complex is at 1203 S. Tyler Street, across from the main facility.  A newly constructed sky bridge connects the Complex and hospital.  The Outpatient Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab Center, Wound care and Hyperbaric Medicine, Cardiac and Surgery Center are inside the Paul D. Cordez Outpatient Pavilion at 16300 Bootlegger Rd. in Covington.  The parenting Center and the Community Wellness Center are both located on Florida Street in Mandeville.

In recognizing both physicians and patient’s wants in a hospital, the Strategic Growth Initiative Shift has centered its infrastructure expansion on the newest digital technological infrastructure available.  This means all patient records along with their diagnostic test results are made available, electronically, at the physicians’ fingertips.  “Physicians can access all medical records and view scans simultaneously,” Hodgson said of the innovative technology.  This feature eliminates wasted time and allows physicians to act quickly on a patients needs, thus, eliminating the sometimes-exhausting travel to a specialists’ office, she said.  The new technology of convenience also includes take-home testing, primary care, rehabilitation needs at multiple locations.  St. Tammany Hospital employs 10 physicians trained in the DaVinci Surgical Robotic System, a surgical innovation that revolutionizes the invasive open surgical procedures.  Patients can experience a faster recovery time and far less pain experienced after traditional open procedures.  Hodgson said that also within the expansion, inpatient infrastructure focuses on privacy, comfort and healing by utilizing healing arts, stress-free architectural elements and safety.

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