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Private Equity Lending

Private Equity Loans

Creative Financing

"your credit score and debt to income ratio will not be taken into consideration"

Many real estate transactions require creative financing techniques.  A buyer's debt to income ratio, credit rating or the unavailability of financing products that fit  particular properties or locals are some reasons buyers explore creative financing.  Many private equity lenders extend financing for real estate transactions by using an asset based loan instrument.  Such private equity lenders, often time referred to as "hard money lenders" extend loans based solely on the value of the real estate, and only extend a percentage of the property’s value.  Often times your credit score and debt to income ratio will not be taken into consideration.  Because these types of loans do not conform to the traditional credit regulations, they are often times a bit more expensive.  However, for borrowers who cannot verify their income or have poor credit this type of financing is very attractive.  Private equity lenders generally only finance 50 to 70 percent of the properties value.  At Tribute Real Estate, we work with many private equity lenders that invest in real estate throughout Louisiana.  To gain additional information about creative financing please contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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