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Jefferson Parish Infrastructure Work in Metairie


The ongoing improvements to Metairie’s infrastructure should add to and protect real estate property values in Jefferson Parish.  Two of the most important real estate related concerns for businesses and residents of Jefferson Parish are traffic and protecting homes and commercial buildings from flood; two major projects are underway  specifically designed to address these  issues.

Metairie residents are well familiar with the ongoing infrastructure work around the Causeway / I-10 exchange. Causeway Bridge commuters will be subject to at least another year of construction on the Southshore entrance of the bridge.

Lake Pontchartrain Levee Flood Protection in Metairie

The construction around the Causeway bridge is a $43.2-million dollar project designed to protect Jefferson Parish’s  flood defenses from the projections of the “100 year storm”.  The project is slated to last 18 months and includes elevating the bridge for a 15-foot floodwall to run underneath.  This phase of flood defense work is part of the overall  levee elevation project along the Southshore’s lakefront.  Real estate values in Jefferson Parish are critically tied to flood protection, and this ongoing project is designed to increase flood protection.

Causeway Boulevard/Interstate 10 interchange in Metairie

The Causeway/ I-10 interchange project started in April of 2009 and is projected to run through the summer of 2012.  The $51 million dollar Phase II of the project is currently underway with the construction of five new ramps.  It is estimated that over 178,000 vehicles use the interchange every day, and the project should remedy the traffic nightmares associated with the outdated system.  Phase I and II of the Causeway/ I-10 interchange project include the addition of and/or improvement of 10 ramps and additional improvements to  both Causeway Blvd and Veterans Memorial Blvd in Metairie.  Traffic flow is vital for commercial real estate activity and values; completion of this project should significantly benefit Metairie’s commercial district.

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