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Estimated Net Proceeds Worksheet

When listing your home or commercial property, you may want to ask your agent for an estimate of the net proceeds that you will receive upon the sale of your property. This is a good starting point for residential or commercial property sellers to understand and communicate their expectations about what they need or want to net from the sale of their property.  An estimate of the net proceeds from a real estate transaction helps sellers think about the various costs associated with their transaction, and enables both the seller and agent to effectively investigate the best way to handle a real estate negotiation.  In any real estate transaction, planning is essential to negotiating a favorable deal.  An “estimate net proceed worksheet” is one tool that agents at Tribute Real Estate can offer in the representation their clients.  Take a look at a sample worksheet below (their may be additional costs associated with your transaction).


Estimated Net Proceeds From Sale

Prepared For ( First Name,  Last Name)


Sale Price:

$ ______

Broker Fees:

$- ______
Contribution to Buyer: $- ______
Escrow Fees: $- ______
Inspection Fees: $- ______
Lender Charges: $- ______
Settlement Fees: $- ______
Transfer Fees: $- ______

Total Closing Costs


$- ______

Payoff Mortgages: $- ______
Seller-held Mortgage for Buyer: $ ______
Interest in Month of Settlement: $- ______




Tribute Real Estate offers its clients a comprehensive real estate transaction experience in both residential or commercial transactions.  At Tribute, we concentrate in residential services throughout St. Tammany ParishJefferson Parish and Orleans Parish.  Our commercial real estate division offers its services throughout the entire State of Louisiana.

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