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Downtown Covington Given New Life


The historic district of downtown Covington has undergone a revitalization process over the past few years.  The area before this process struggled to keep businesses profitable and draw in customers and visitors.  Now that the revitalization of downtown Covington is fully underway with the construction of the new courthouse and reconstruction of the Southern Hotel, we have seen a drastic increase in the demand for residential homes and commercial real estate in the area.  Homes for sale in Covington are generating steady demand in showings.

Revamping the area began with the new Courthouse and Justice Center.  The courthouse has brought many new jobs and service opportunities.  The public aspect of the revitalization comes with many new sidewalks and handicap curb ramps.  The city was also responsible for planting flowers and replacing a few traffic lights throughout the downtown area.

Attractions and Places of Interest

Since the revitalization has begun, downtown Covington has seen steady increases in customers, visitors, and interest from investors in small businesses.   There are now very popular restaurants like Ox Lot 9 (located in the Southern Hotel), Mattina Bella, and The English Tea Room.  Rock and Blues is a popular place to hear live music and grab a drink with friends.   The faithful, St. Johns Coffee House continues to be a staple in the newly thriving area.  For those looking at homes for sale in Covington, all such downtown amenities make the district of St. John a great place to live.

With all these new booming restaurants, stores, and attractions, along with the cosmetic makeover with the addition of flowers and sidewalks, there is no surprise that the real estate market is starting to boom in downtown Covington.  The market which seemed very stagnant and discouraging for home owners, has now been given new life due to the publicly funded initiative to revive downtown Covington.


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